Enugu State: Peace As a Recipe for Progress and Development

According to the good book, “blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of the most high God”. In the Second Republic, Enugu was the capital of Anambra State with Chief Jim Nwobodo as the executive governor. The Second Republic was interrupted by the military who eventually created Enugu State out of the old Anambra State. Democracy was restored in 1999, with Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani becoming the elected executive governor of Enugu State. 

The ascension of Nnamani to the position of governor was facilitated by Chief Jim Nwobodo whose political clout prior to the creation of Enugu State cuts a larger than

life image. Chief Nwobodo later fell out with his political godson Nnamani. It is a needless preamble delving into the cause of the misunderstanding between the godfather and godson, but under such circumstances peace, progress, development et al are elusive, with the citizens of the state bearing the brunt of the war of attrition between the political gladiators. 

Dr. Nnamani left office after an eight-year tenure as governor and in came his political godson, Sullivan Chime, an ex-commissioner in the former’s government. It wasn’t long before a war of attrition flared up between the newly elected governor and his godfather and the state was further plunged into the divisive and corrosive spectre of a supremacy battle between a godson and godfather. 

As already stated, the overall progress, social and economic development, etc, suffer

retardation with minimal progress as no society devoid of enduring peace can really grow to its full potential. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi can be said to be mindful of this time honored facts as he stepped into Lion Building, the seat of governance of the Enugu State government as the executive governor of the state after the 2015 election. 

Governor Ugwuanyi on assumption of duty as the state’s chief executive officer quickly engendered an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, breaking the jinx of the political war of attrition between godfather and godson in Enugu State and thus created an enabling environment for sustainable economic, social, human, and infrastructural development. 

He is in all ramifications a pacifist, humanist, and a peacemaker rolled into one and the good book’s quote on the virtue of the peace maker inarguably qualifies the amiable and ebullient chief executive with an empathetic and people-friendly disposition. 

These remarkable traits have endeared Governor Ugwuanyi who could also be qualified as an uncommon politician to the hearts of the good people of Enugu State who are unequivocal in their resolve to vote for a continuation of the gburugburu revolution come 2019.

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