Enugu State: When Change Is Anathema

In a few months the political landscape of Nigeria shall once again become charged as the political gladiators get down to doing what they do best – the canvassing of votes from the electorate with mouthwatering promises of utopia. Lessons from the past and present have shown that the many promises are never fulfilled by the victors who are more interested in sharing the spoils of office.

While some of the politicians shall be jostling to unseat an incumbent, the incumbents on their part will assiduously strive to hold onto their seat regardless of their performance or non-performance. It is not out of place to say that a good number of the office holders and chief executives of some states and even on the presidential level deserve to lose their seats.


It has been said that to whom much is given, much is expected. A good number of the political office holders have so far rubbished the time honored quotations, having received so much and given so little by their inept performance. This piece is not aimed at demonizing government and its officials, but an analysis of the concept of government and politics and how both impact on the overall society.

Talking about Enugu State, it is instructive to mention the fact that the state has witnessed a number of  administrations from military to civilian chief executives. While it is a needless preamble analysing the performances of the previous administrations in Enugu State, it must however be emphasized that in the history of the state no administration has functioned in an economy that is in recession. Nigeria is in a state of a virtual economic depression and the monthly allocation to the states has dwindled rapidly.

Enugu State though drastically hit by the shrinking state allocation and coupled with the fact that the state is not among the top 20 states receiving the highest allocations nor among the oil producing states receiving the 13% derivation funds, the state government under the leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has excelled in the governance of the state in a manner that could be termed miraculous. A good number of the lucky states with a higher allocation and derivation from crude oil are mired in non-payment of salaries laced with ineptitude and non performance.

The governor’s decent scorecard in navigating the state under the prevailing harsh economic situation can also be qualified as the 8th Wonder of the world.

The governor has somewhat redefined the axiom to whom much is given, much is expected. He was given little and he delivered much, and one can confidently say that the governor is a case study on how to deliver much from the little that one has.

He definitely has a thousand and one reasons to underperform. The holy book also said that they who are unfaithful in little matters will equally be unfaithful in great matters, and noted too that those faithful in little matters will equally be faithful in great matters. Governor Ugwuanyi without prevarication is faithful in little matters and will no doubt be very faithful in great matters, if and whenever the state’s allocation is bolstered.

As the countdown to the 2019 general elections draws close, it is imperative to state that there are occasions when change is an anathema, and this is one such moment. Trying to so much as ponder or initiate a political change in Enugu State, a “change” which in all ramifications is fraught with duplicity and negativity is without mincing words an anathema. Most Nigerians are still reeling from the effects of the “change” ushered in by the ruling APC.

Governor Ugwuanyi has received plaudits and accolades domestically and internationally for his visionary and pragmatic leadership qualities and simple logic demands that the amiable, humane, humble and uncommon politician should be encouraged and wholly supported to consolidate on his laudable achievements in every segments vis a vis peace, progress and development, socio-economic re-engineering, security of lives and property, equity, etc. 

This much is the lot of Enugu State today under the able leadership of Governor Ugwuanyi, and come 2019 the good people of Enugu State are unanimous in their resolve to consign the purveyors of negative change into the dustbin of history. Until then let’s rise up with one voice under one banner and say no to negative “change” in Enugu State.

  • The writer is a rights crusader and lives in Enugu.

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