Olympic Layout Residents: Collapsed Building a Validation of ECTDA’s Demolitions

Residents of Olympic Layout have said that yesterday’s (Sunday, April 5) collapse of a three-storey building on Ezeluike Street, Agbani Road, Awkunanaw, Enugu South LGA, is proof that Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) was right in its decision to stop further construction at the site.

The structure under construction had been marked for demolition last November, and would have been pulled down the previous week barring the movement restrictions ordered by the state government to curb spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although there were no casualties, the residents say that might not have been the case if ECTDA had not been proactive in stopping further work. “It’s tough for me to admit this, but the collapse of this building earlier listed for demolition is a strong justification for the demolition exercises being carried out by ECTDA,” a resident who gave his name as Anayo told Enugunow.

Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority is the government agency with the unenviable task of restoring the masterplan of Enugu municipal covering the capital.

Another resident who asked not to be identified said the agency may be criticized for its uncompromising and rigid style, but noted that their goal was for the common good of society. “Do you know that this collapsed structure had no approved building plan?” he added.

Last week, the agency had similarly taken a proactive step by removing the wrecked remains of an illegal structure at Onu-Asata being built on a flood channel. But the action soon became controversial, with some alleging the agency was demolishing residents home even as they observed the Covid-19 sit-at-home directive.

Residents of the community later refuted the allegation, however, as, according to them, ECTDA only acted in residents’ interest by removing what would have had disastrous consequences.


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